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Investor Warning

Please be aware of scams that can affect investors.

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Risk Warning

The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may get back less than the amount invested. The tax benefits relating to ISA investments may not be maintained. Please refer to the Key Facts documents contained in the ISA/Share Plan Brochure & Application form or the Investment Plan for Children Brochure & Application form for general and specific investment risks attaching to the dividual trusts.

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How to Invest

There are a number of different ways to invest in the Investment Companies that we manage.

ISAs - Invest through an ISA and you’ve nothing further to declare to the tax man. You can currently invest up to 15,240* for the 2015/2016 tax year in one of our ISAs. They are designed to shelter your investment from capital gains tax – but please note, ISAs won’t shield your investment from inheritance taxes.

ISA top up - If you have an existing Aberdeen Investment Trust ISA for the current tax year 2015/2016, you can add more funds to your account, up to the current limit of 15,240*.

ISA Transfers - You can transfer any of your existing ISAs and invest in our range of Investment Companies without losing any of the tax advantages.

Share Plan - Like any plc, you can buy investment trust shares through a stockbroker of your choice. But our Share Plan aims to make the process even easier, letting you invest lump sums or monthly amounts easily and at low-cost.

Investment Plan for Children - Aberdeen's low cost and flexible plan, allows you to save monthly from as little as 30 per month or invest a lump sum of 150 or more.

You can also buy shares directly through a stockbroker or financial adviser. Contact your adviser for more information. Some online brokers allow you to carry out the trade yourself for a small fee. If you have larger lump sums to invest, you should consider speaking to a private client stockbroker who can manage your entire portfolio of shares and will advise you on your investments.

* The maximum sum for an ISA investment is 15,240 for the current tax year until 5 April 2016.