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Daily Prices

Close of business mid market price on 21-Oct-2014

Fund Name Class Price Nav Prem/Discount Nav Prem/Discount
    Debt at Market Value Debt at Par
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund LimitedOrd200.00196.371.85
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC3.5% CULS 2019113.00--100.0013.00
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLCOrd950.00960.80-1.12
Aberdeen Japan Investment Trust PLCOrd364.75404.63-9.86
Aberdeen Latin American Income Fund LimitedOrd73.2580.10-8.55
Aberdeen Latin American Income Fund LimitedSubscription Shares2.50----
Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust PLCOrd174.50192.88-9.53
Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust PLCOrd438.00498.50-12.14
Aberdeen Private Equity Fund LimitedSterling Shares82.25114.59-28.22114.59-28.22
Aberdeen Smaller Companies High Income Trust PLCOrd184.00212.53-13.42
Aberdeen UK Tracker Trust plcOrd302.00308.96-2.25
Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust PLCOrd254.00250.251.50255.10-0.43
Dunedin Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLCOrd178.50206.12-13.40
Edinburgh Dragon Trust plc3.5% CULS 2018103.50--100.003.50
Edinburgh Dragon Trust plcOrd268.00294.05-8.86291.86-8.17
Murray Income Trust PLCOrd750.50731.392.61
Murray International Trust PLCOrd1050.00956.979.72959.029.49
New India Investment Trust PLCOrd281.00316.61-11.25
Shires Income PLCOrd233.00230.810.95
The North American Income Trust plcOrd820.00873.16-6.09875.91-6.38