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What is an Investment Trust?

Investment trusts are public limited companies traded on the London Stock Exchange and have a history stretching back to the 1880s. Investment trusts are created with the sole purpose of generating returns for their shareholders by investing in shares and other securities. By bringing together a professionally-managed and diversified investment portfolio, investment trusts have long been considered one of the simplest ways to share in the growth potential of the stockmarket.

What will an Aberdeen Investment Trust offer you?

An Aberdeen Investment Trust will offer you access to the skills and resources of professional fund managers. Plus a clear investment strategy that is adhered to, year after year, so you can see how it can fit with your plans and goals.

What is Aberdeen's investment approach?

We aim to achieve superior investment performance primarily through first hand research of companies themselves, and then through the active management of portfolios. Our house style, whilst constantly seeking new opportunities, is to focus on companies that we understand well and that offer good value. But getting on to our ‘buy list’ takes some doing: we don’t commit a penny until a company has passed through a rigorous assessment process.